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Méthode traditionnelle «Made in caveau»Our constant search  for quality on our crops gave birth to « Olympe ». From the grape harvest to the elaboration of the yeast and then the minimum twelve months breeding including stirring before the pouring off phase, everything is done in our cellars.These steps ensure the mastery and the regularity of this complex blend of many secrets (potion) grape varieties product, the most remarkable of those being « Chardonnay ».Thoroughly expressive, « Olympe » rosé entertains us with light and limpid colours. Red and fruity scents (nothing to do with the rap singer) extend into a well-balanced and savoury flavour.

Grape : Rosé, Cabernet and Merlot
Land/soil : Le Pallet Gneiss and Gabbro
To be served between 7 and 9 ° Celsius / 44 and 48 ° Fahrenheit.
Dishes / wine harmony : « Olympe » is a high class wine that will hold its rank on the party table. The aperitif could be an enchanting destination. A chocolate dessert will make it a Joly-ish delight.


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