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Le domaine


Being a wine-grower is not accidental,

it’s a lived experience


We both grew up in the Nantes vineyard.
The sap of our soil flow in our veins.
Our roots are mingled with those of our vines.

Everyone in our village has learned the love of nature and the land.
Just like Heloise and Abelard, it was school that united us.
We stay together from kindergarten to viti-oeno Baccalauréat.
We form a dynamic, warm and conscientious team.

We try to be worthy of our ancestors and to transmit those values that are dear to us.
We wish to share with you the treasures of our estate, the nectar of our vines.
We have been passionate wine growers for generations. 
Our wine is what we offer you, our pride, our creation.

L'artisan vigneron

Our wines are the fruit of our balanced and respectful association with our vines. We look after our vines everyday to allow their optimal blooming. For this purpose, attentive care and great patience are necessary in order to produce authentic wines, obtained by the respect and understanding of the environment.

The land is at the origin of the wine. We are responsible for it only for a few years. It is up to us to care for it by giving it the attention it deserves before passing it on to our children. We farm sustainably on all of our fields and this has been recognised by the award of the "High Environmental Value" certification which confirms our concern to transmit, in our turn, a healthy land.



Located in Loire-Atlantique, in the region of Pays de la Loire, the village of "Le Pallet" is the cradle of our farm. This small town, of a little more than 3 000 inhabitants, is crossed by two rocky veins, each having a particular influence on the vines covering them.

  •The « White rocks » made up of gneiss and other schists, are the bases of so-called « tender » wines with great suppleness, to be enjoyed young.
  •The « black rocks » composed of the famous "gabbro" called locally "rubies" support the late wines, structured and excellent for keeping, with a long maturation .

Domaine du Bois Joly spreads over thirty hectares of vines and benefits from two other assets:

  •The proximity of three rivers, the Sèvre and the Maine, hence its name, embellished with La Sanguèze river.
  •The influence of an oceanic climate.


Le terroir et le vin

These two elements make this area very temperate. Droughts and frost are less frequent.

Le Bois Joly is organized around seven grape varieties:

for white wines :
•« Le melon » for Muscadet (24 hectares)
•« La folle blanche » forle Gros-Plant
•« Le chardonnay » the eponymous wine
•« Le pinot gris » for Amber and Fusion

For rosé and red wines :
•« Gamay » « Cabernet » and « Merlot » offer you Caresse d'Ivresse, Passion Vermillon, Joly Bulles and Olympe.


High Environmental Value

Since 2013, Domaine du Bois Joly is one of the hundred farms, at the national level, distinguished by the certification.


« Hight Environnemental Value »





This distinction is the result of a long-standing commitment. From the outset, we have been committed, simply and naturally, to respect the environment, and we are proud of this official recognition.

This environmental certification is a voluntary and progressive approach on three levels. We are at the level of excellence of the ecological system, with continuous monitoring of environmental performance indicators.


Many actions have been implemented in our plots to optimize this environmental approach 

   • We preserve our hedgerows to promote the diversity of flora and fauna 

   • We grass our vineyards which enriches the panorama of our countryside 

   • Our grounds are scraped with special discs; blades work the spaces between the vines. The aerated earth is in a better condition to be grassed and the grass is mown regularly. In addition, a G P S system is used to better respond, drive and measure demands for vine processing. These are made by a new accredited device

   • Two-thirds of our fields are trellised. This allows better sunlight and a good aeration of the grapes. It also facilitates the work of the machines, which leads to a more environmentally friendly handling of the equipment.

Haute Valeur Environnementale

We have invested to produce authentic wines which respect and are in harmony with the vineyard and its soil. This balance, maintained by a vinification elaborated as close as possible to the grapes, generates cuvees of character that you will appreciate.

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