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Pinot gris, a recent grape variety in our vineyard, offers wines of incredible aromatic richness.
 Ambre will embellish your table with its refined golden yellow dress.
 This white wine seduces by its intense aromas of delicate ripe pear, peach and white flowers. Its charm will also reveal a density and freshness which will continues to act on the mouth. “Amber” combines freshness, elegance with a zest of roundness.

Grape variety : Pinot gris.
Soil : Gabbro du Pallet
Serving temperature : from 10 to 12 °c
Food pairing :According to your tastes, “Amber” can accompany foie gras, or pair with certain meats (filet mignon with peaches or exotic recipes).
 It may also be served a charming aperitif.

Can be stored for 3 to 5 years.


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