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Grape fruit juice, the wine basis before it ferments per se, is composed of more than 70% of water and more than 20 % of carbohydrates,  phosphorus and potassium. It is guaranteed alcohol free. So it is enjoy by adults who do not wish to drink any alcohol, but also by children and any sports men or women. Its energy intake is beneficial to the muscular system and meets the expectations of the people mentioned above. It provides them with healthy products.


Grape juice from two grape varieties named « la folle Blanche » (the mad Blanche) and « le melon de Bourgogne » ( Burgundy melon) is bottled during the harvesting season. These hearts of grains are also perfect for adults who don’t want to drink any alcohol.

Dishes / wine harmony : why not honoring Brittany by trying these fruits juices during a « crêpe*» party ? (*thin, large and sweet pancake)


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